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School of Happiness presents Happiness Habits from the Heart

Profiles of humans who:

  • live from the heart,
  • choose happiness as a way to be; at home and at work,
  • have inspired me and influenced my life positively.
  • Enjoy conversations with inspired and inspiring people
  • Listen to their message and personal stories
  • Discover happiness and wellness secrets
  • Explore happiness and heartfulness from varying perspectives


Practicing Happiness Habits such as: gratitude, meditation, yoga, dancing, physical activity (especially outdoors), communing with nature, being with uplifting people and spending time in environments you appreciate could create a whole lot of Santosha ... translated as... you will be moved towards a more positive relationship with yourself and live a life with more contentment. 🙂

July 27, 2020

Conversation with Petra Kolber, International fitness expert, wellness leader, author, speaker and beacon of happiness. More about Petra.

Petra’s Nuggets of Wisdom
4:03 Petra’s definition of happiness
6:17 How Petra discovered how to speak to people’s values, hearts and potential
7:08 How you feel about yourself matters
8:05 Dial down the negative and amp up the positive!
9:01 Petra’s favourite quote and guiding force...
9:43 Why the brain’s default is negative
10:50 If you’ve got to work hard, at least enjoy
13:30 Petra an introvert? Her go-to happiness habits
15:20 Giving up drinking wine and alcohol was a game changer!
19:00 Success leaves clues, Petra Googled what her icons were doing
22:30 Laura shares happiness resilience thoughts and Petra’s strengths
24:00 Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, amplify your strengths
27:25 What to do when you are feeling low
30:06 No one has it all figured out, think forward to your best possible future self
Final words of wisdom

June 24, 2020

Conversation with Hussein Baalbaki, International Business Consultant in HR and Happiness & Development (H&D), Coach, Doctorate of Business Administration candidate on the subject of Happiness at Work, More about Hussein on his LinkedIn profile

Hussein's Nuggets of Wisdom:
00:48 Intro to Hussein’s doctoral work on happiness
3:40 Shifting tradition of human resources towards greater happiness at work through employee support
4:20 Google’s Chief Happiness Officer leads the way for smaller enterprises
6:52 Lebanese upbringing to happiness research, making the shift
7:41 The universal language: Smile
8:50 Laura and Hussein share the same favourite quote by Maya Angelou...
10:39 Happiness doesn’t mean everything is perfect.
11:41 Shift any conversation with this genuine question
14:13 While growing up Hussein’s “Google” was his grandfather, here is why.
15:59 Simplicity and connection into the workplace
16:17 Story of JFK and how the guy mopping the floor contributed to putting a man on the moon
17:26 Supervisors will have more impact when they find out what makes employees happy. Caring matters.
21.17 The value of personality tests and making mistakes.
25:02 Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, show empathy.
27:11 Boost happiness to boost creativity
28:50 What Hussein admires about the PM of New Zealand and her approach towards humanity
31:01 Hussein’s message to his kids about positivity and the pathway to happiness

May 23, 2020

Conversation with Cezarina Trone, Modern Mystic, Poet, Sound Healer, Wellness & Embodiment Coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Founder of “Mirador Kids Yoga & Creativity School RCYS. More about CezarinaMore about Mirador kids yoga. More about Lotus Heart Center.

Happiness Habits Conversation with Cezarina

Guided Imagery; Lotus Heart Meditation

Cezarina's Nuggets of Wisdom

3:50 Being personally attuned
4:57 Happiness habit: the practice of rooting
6:00 Exploring the feelings of contraction, grieving, fear and insecurity what to do to rest the mind
7:27 Cezarina shares the habit she and her husband practice each morning
8:27 Why gardening, earthing and communing with nature is so beneficial as a happiness habit
10:26 Keep your fountain over flowing
12:27 Awaken the joy of your inner child; play and imagination
14:30 Feed your soul for greater health and happiness

April 11, 2020

Conversation with Stephane Bensoussan, Health & Educational Psychologist, Director of Clinique PsySanté in the West Island of Montreal, Canada, Author and Inspirational Speaker who adopts a holistic and integrative approach to wellness.   More info about Stephane.   More about Clinique Psysanté.

Stephane's Nuggets of Wisdom:
3:50 What Happiness is not, what inner happiness is...
5:15 How Stephane gets into his happy place
5:43 How our own mind can create our suffering
7:37 Disconnect from the inner dialogue to feel better, here’s how
10:59 The importance of ritual and routine
12:36 Magic questions to set you up for a positive and powerful day
15:12 What is micro stress management?
17:12 Choose your time more wisely with mindful living
18:20 This one thing is an essential element to living well
24:33 Laura invites Stephane to guide us to navigate life’s changing tides
27:30 Guided grounding meditation
45:10 Be the guardian of your inner peace
47:35 Be emotionally resilient
48:48 Final words to keep in touch

March 11, 2020

Conversation with Luke Blue Eagle.  Luke Blue Eagle is a writer, composer, music therapist, a life time practitioner of native American spirituality and a creator of innovative wellness products including a collection of perfumes using essential oils . More info about Luke Blue Eagle.

Blue Eagle's Nuggets of Wisdom:
4:35 Get centered, create intention, Ancestor’s chant
8:55 Luke Blue Eagle's Happiness definition
10:09 How to deal with stuck or uncomfortable emotions
13:03 How to align with you mission to create and manifest
15:18 Impermanence and attachment
17:55 Our inner spiritual guide
19:12 Why we need to learn to do nothing
22:10 The three aspects to spiritual practice
26:45 Seven principles to care for your health
28:58 Benefits of moving our body and looking at the sun
29:56 Two things your doctor won’t tell you
31:54 The essentials to happiness
34:50 Blue Eagle’s wellness rituals
36:52 The practice of disciplining the mind
37:58 Dealing with anger
40:51 Examples to relate to the earth everyday
48:39 Courage to be spiritual in a destructive world
51:20 How can we create more happiness in our families, communities and the world?
54:00 Bring balance back to nature now
56:11 Is science promoting death?
1:01:02 Reconnect to the wonders of life
1:01:53 The power of shamanic perfumes and essential oils

February 11, 2020

Conversation with Nathalie Lacombe. Nathalie is a career and leadership coach for fit pros, Mover, Shaker and Joie de Vivre Giver!  Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, she is an international presenter and career consultant in the fitness industry. More info about Nathalie.

Nathalie's Nuggets of wisdom:
2:05 - Nathalie’s Happiness definition

4:15 How Nathalie defines a good day

4:40 What emotion she struggled with and how she overcame it

5:31 Nathalie shares her key strategies for happiness

6:27 Burpies and making love

8:15 The secret ingredient 🙂

10:24 How to get back on course when you're feeling down

12:03 These moments make us the happiest

13:36 Get your zzz's!

15:28 Why celebrate imperfection?

16:31 How to bring positivity into your work culture

18:08 How to be less reactive and more reflective

19:41 Managing confrontation

21:08 What mental algorithm are you creating?

23:13 Laura's insight on the key component to Nathalie's longevity in the fitness industry

January 11, 2020

Conversation with Sylvie Gouin. Sylvie is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, self-published author and the Director of Teacher Training for the Beyond School of Yoga in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  More info about Sylvie

Sylvie's Nuggets of Wisdom:
2:20 - Sylvie’s Happiness definition
4:30 - Two elements that govern how Sylvie experiences life
7:30 - This led Sylvie to yoga. Why others may want to begin too
9:58 - How yoga meets you where you are now
10:51 - One of the greatest super powers
13:08 - Difference between Happiness and Pleasure
16:20 - What most humans really want
18:00 - Why we should pay attention to our habits
19:25 - How Sylvie cultivates wellness and happiness in her lifestyle
23:00 - From overwhelm to inspiration
23:45 - Sylvie begins her day with these essentials
26:15 - #1 cause of unhappiness
29:20 - The power of the word. Why what we say matters.
31:25 - Words of wisdom from Laura’s granny
32:40 - Include more of what makes you smile
33:45 - The journey is the goal
34:10 - To work hard or to work with intention?
36:00 - Use this technique to get what you really want
40:25 - How to break through resistance
44:25 - Final words of wisdom: do one thing...

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