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School of Happiness is an online fitness and wellness platform that guides people to cultivate a resilient bodya clear mind, and a happy heart leading to optimal health, happiness and fulfillment at home and at work.

We serve entrepreneurs and professionals who lead full lives and understand the benefit of self-care to be better at what they do by feeling better about who they are.

How is your happiness wheel turning?

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School of Happiness functional fitness, yoga and mindful movement, and meditation by Laura Warf

our mission

The School of Happiness guides entrepreneurs and professionals to be conscious creators 

of their happiness and well-being in body, mind, and heart so that their lives, environment and business flourish.

We achieve this state through various movement and mindset tools to develop healthier habits leading to a more fulfilling life. 

Well-Being from the inside out: yoga, functional fitness, mindfulness, meditation, energy mastery


Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to reclaim and maintain optimal levels of happiness and well-being.
Life and work flow more smoothly and productively with healthier lifestyle balance.


Inspired by the teachings of exercise science, yoga philosophy and positive psychology, our eight essential elements to health and happiness lead the way. We do this through live online classes, retreats and coaching, our memberships, and live-streamed individual and organizational events.

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