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Be well from the inside out. Reclaim your vitality and joy. Get your vibe right with yoga, Funfit - functional fitness, & meditation!

​​Our mission ​at the School of Happiness is to ​guide and inspire individuals and companies to become conscious creators of their well-being in body, mind, heart and spirit. We follow our eight essential elements to health and happiness to ​lead the way.

​We do this ​​through free live online classes to support our community, our membership​s, and live-streamed individual and organizational events


Organizational Wellness

Online and live services in support of employee wellness

Wellness Coaching

Stress and wellness management strategies for better living


​Individuals and businesses who want to reclaim and maintain optimal levels of balance and well-being.
​Life and work flow more smoothly when ​we are aligned with our true nature.

The Living Wellness Wheel Developed and used by the School of Happiness

​Have you heard about our Happiness Wheel?

​​Evaluate your wellness and happiness ​with this FREE ​Happiness Wheel PDF guide.

​​Re-assess your 8 elements to happiness ​​anytime.

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