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Yoga, Fitness & Beauty Bliss

Laura is a wellness guru who shares her knowledge and insight freely and entirely. As a longtime client I have always thoroughly enjoyed her classes. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and balanced both inside and out. The online classes & videos are varied so you will get a whole body workout including mind and spirit. Try if you dare to be enlightened, enchanted and energized. What a blessing you are Laura Warf.

David Hall

Spiritual wisdom meets material science

Laura Warf is someone I simply clicked with instantly. Her constant smile and positive demeanor make her classes both educational and fun. She always takes the time to make sure her students are heard and provides practical solutions and tips to all questions with care and professionalism. So, for those searching for a healthy online alternative, Laura's online yoga classes always leave me feeling relaxed and revitalized! As a therapist she is grounded, extremely knowledgeable of human mechanics, and highly intuitive. I searched a long time for the right therapist to help me work through years of body pain and I'm grateful to have found such a spiritually-wise one to assist me in this journey. To anyone seeking guidance on feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I highly recommend Laura's caring and professional approach.

Mac McCloskey

A New Perspective of Yoga

This video dialog has made clearer to me the real breadth of the yogic practice. It certainly goes well beyond my assumptions, based on sporadic attendance of yoga classes at the athletic club , focusing only on physical balance and flexibility (both of which are important, of course.) Thanks to both of you wonderful people for this opportunity.

Stephany Tessier


I’ve always been good at finding excuses not to start practicing yoga. This conversation woke something up in me! Very inspiring & encouraging for someone new to bringing yoga into their life! Thank you ladies 😊

Kim B.

You are an amazing instructor and presenter. Your voice is so soothing. 

Hi Laura,

Attended your Yoga for Detox this past weekend at CanFIT in Montreal. Loved it very much. As a "busy" Yoga instructor, I don't always have the time to get to participate in classes, so it was a thrill to be able to participate in your class. This is an area that I am very interested in, as I am often asked questions on what Yoga poses help with detox. Although, I do tell my students that just by doing Yoga asanas and breath work, will aid in detoxifying the body.

You are an amazing instructor and presenter. Your voice is so soothing. Thank you for a truly enjoyable and enlightening session.


very professional, interesting content, your calm tone of voice, the pace you set...

Laura you were terrific today. I knew you would be but I was very impressed with your very professional, interesting content, your calm tone of voice, the pace you set and your attention to detail.

We are very grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our SALAD event. You got us started and it just all worked out to be a very enjoyable day for all.

Thanks again,


Wendy H.

I was offered encouragement, strength & guidance in a spiritual environment.

I came to class looking for exercise and relaxation. I was offered encouragement, strength & guidance in a spiritual environment. I discovered a new level of mental awareness, peacefulness that I didn't believe I was capable of and recovery from a long-standing back problem.


I am a senior and doubted that I could still do yoga but with Laura’s careful...

I am a senior and doubted that I could still do yoga but with Laura’s careful progressions of the poses, to my surprise I was able to follow. Each yoga practice has left me with a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Bonnie N.

I no longer need to see my sports medicine doctor for overuse injuries caused by repetitive movements

The yoga classes have helped me in two areas. Firstly they have helped calm the tension and stress of daily life and leave me feeling peaceful and relaxed. Secondly they allow me to continue to improve my balance as I age as well and at the same time I am working on strengthening and stretching the muscles I use repetitively in other athletic activities. I believe because of my regular attendance in yoga classes I no longer need to see my sports medicine doctor for overuse injuries caused by repetitive movements in other activities which before I started doing yoga was a yearly occurrence. Thank you.

Linda F.

I totally lose myself in Laura’s class.  She has a soft flowing way of guiding us...

I quite often arrive at the yoga classes feeling stressed, anxious and tired. I sometimes feel a tightness in my neck chest. I totally lose myself in Laura’s class. She has a soft flowing way of guiding us through the different poses. I leave the class feeling that I have really done something good for me spiritually, emotionally and physically. I feel an inner strength and balance, a greater sense of well-being. Laura is the best yoga instructor and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years.

Donna W.

I dropped 2 dress sizes.

Yoga – thank goodness we found each other. It has brought me a positive sense of balance and with all that I dropped 2 dress sizes. Yoga is now part of my being.

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