The Living Well School of Happiness

Welcome to the Living Well School of Happiness

We host a learning environment based on principles of sharing, caring, safety, and a co-creating community of wellness and happiness.
The School of Happiness provides a warm welcoming space in the Sainte-Adele studio and online to those who want to move and balance their bodies in an accessible and mindful way every day.

Our curriculum is designed to leave each participant feeling well and energized instead of sore and depleted. Wellness and happiness are cultivated through mindset and a holistic approach to finding the healthiest formula for each person that includes: proper movement through different schools of thought to yoga and functional fitness. proper nutrition and proper rest  in addition to our ‚Äč8 essential elements to wellness and happiness in a supportive, educational environment through weekly scheduled classes, special workshops, and guest speakers.

The Sainte-Adele brick and mortar studio offers yoga classes, functional fitness classes, wellness workshops combining different approaches from yoga to staying fit with functional fitness, meditation sessions, music concerts of all kinds such as first nation performers sharing the ancient traditions passed on through generations, to crystal bowl concerts and other ancient instruments and sounds, and other wellness tools and teachings.

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