FuntFit Program Series

Joint Friendly Body Tune-Up FunFit Series

FunFit Special Program Series presents Joint Friendly Body Tune-Up

This series was inspired when I recently spent several weeks on the road. Sleeping in motel beds, too much sitting and a little more stress made my body feel stiff and achy. This series of five classes will improve circulation to tense tissues, improve energy and decrease joint discomfort. Get back on track and enjoy a more resilient, supple and stable body. Regain the freedom to move well again.

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How to Use This Series

Choose one routine and practice it on alternate days for the entire week or mix and match alternating the routines daily or every second day.

FunFit Vitality and Vigor Trio

FunFit Vitality and Vigor Trio Series

Boost your fitness FunFit style. Feel stronger and more vibrant, stand taller and longer. This trio includes three of Laura’s favourite routines to stay in shape while conserving and enhancing energy. Infuse your week with these three moderately paced workouts/workins on alternate days either morning or end of day to leave you feeling the best version of yourself.

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Energy in motion

Take a time out to get your vibe high. Practice this full body workout that will keep you in shape from head to toes leaving you feeling more energized for the rest of the day!

Strong and long

A routine to build strength and length in your entire body using a variety of floor-based and standing exercises. Try movement combinations designed to challenge new ways of moving in multiple directions to elevate your overall fitness level.

FunFit 30/30 flextime - energy and endurance

Get fired up with this full body FunFit session. Work your entire body in all directions leaving you feeling stronger, more supple and naturally energized.

À la Carte FunFit Classes

FunFit 30/30 flextime Steady and Balanced

FunFit Classes Coming Soon

Available soon!

This routine will challenge your balance and core stability. Connect to the foundation of your feet and work through movement in all directions to improve your overall function, flexibility and flow.

GardenFit: Get Ready to Work in Your Garden 

Available soon!

This 3 part routine will keep your body fit to garden. Working outdoors can be physically demanding and includes all kinds of motion including: pushing, pulling, forward bending, kneeling, lunging, twisting, lifting, gripping. Get your body outdoor ready with a tailored warm up, specific strengthening movements and flexibility exercises to keep you injury free.

FunFit Classes Coming Soon

Core on the floor Top 10

FunFit Classes Coming Soon

Available soon!

Practice these top 10 core exercises to reinforce and harmonize the muscles around your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. A strong core improves urinary and sexual functioning and leads to better balance and stability in your day to day activities or on the playing field.

Flexibility for tight hips and legs

Available soon!

Use this short routine to relieve tight hips and legs. A great addition to any day when you feel stiff, achy or simply want to be more mobile for your favourite activities.

FunFit Classes Coming Soon

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