Organizational Wellness:
Be Well 360 Corporate Program

As a team, engage in movement and wellness classes to keep employees healthy and happy or book a Lunch and Learn to tailor a workshop based on your current needs and challenges.

Be Well Together As a Business!

Discover a refreshed and redesigned approach to corporate and entrepreneurial wellness for yourself and your employees.

Be Well 360 Program is the School of Happiness' organizational and corporate wellness branch.


  • Wellness Livestream

  • Classes & Workshops

  • Wellness Retreats


Stay connected through live online wellness classes and workshops in our virtual studio room.

Delivery and benefits to employees:

  • Remote sessions tailored for your organization and your objectives
  • Each session provides an opportunity for participants to check-in and share how they are doing for team building and bonding
  • Live online sessions create a sense of connection to share with others in a supportive, safe environment to enhance mental and physical well-being.
  • Team unity offers an opportunity to survey expectations and needs for future sessions (specificity, rhythm, duration etc).
  • Possibility of recording the sessions. Employees may access the recordings on your network or through a customized page for your business.

Take a wellness break now

Why is it important? When we feel better, we do better.
Micro well-being habits throughout the day go a long way to keeping us CALM, CREATIVE and JOYFUL, which is our natural way of being until stress got in the way and wreaked havoc!
What is your body telling you?

TAKE A BREAK every hour and watch your mood, energy, joy and productivity soar.

Feel calm and relaxed with this proven breathing technique

Enjoy this FastFit Tip: Shake it Off!

Let go of that "sticky" situation...

Release stress or lethargy, give yourself a positive boost to flow through your day with better energy.


Would you like to explore options to help your company in their wellness initiatives?

We would love to hear from you.

Tell us a little about your company and what you would like to achieve.

Next step, be sure to visit us at Be Well 360 to get your corporate wellness action plan.

School of Happiness Team

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