Janice Hutton, Hon BPE, MA, B.Ed. FIS, PTS

Certified Personal Performance, Health + Vitality Coach
Faculty Member:  School of Happiness 

Janice Hutton, Hon BPE, MA, B.Ed. FIS, PTS
Certified Personal Performance, Health + Vitality Coach

Janice has extensive experience as an educator and practitioner in health, fitness, sport and personal performance coaching.  Her career to date has included coaching elite athletes; developing world class fitness + sport certification curriculum for professionals; managing a luxury fitness club; being a professor at the university and college level; as well as teaching group exercise and training clients.  As a veteran leader in the fitness industry, Janice thrives on sharing her wisdom and her passion for innovation with all professionals.

About Me

My passion for coaching began more than 30 years ago with sport and athletes and has evolved to focus on helping all types of people elevate their health, happiness, fitness, business and lifestyle.  
I am a certified executive and lifestyle coach, part time professor, personal trainer, and fitness instructor with a Master’s Degree in Coaching Science, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education. Being an entrepreneur has given me many diverse career and leadership opportunities including sport and fitness certification director, luxury hotel fitness club manager, professor, high performance sport coach, executive coach, published author and professional speaker.

I am a life-long learner, teacher, avid reader, writer, student, parent (of 2 amazing adult men and one beautiful dog), wife, lover of family, friend of mother nature and travel and adventure enthusiast.

My Philosophy

I believe that each of us knows deep down inside that we possess all of the necessary solutions, techniques and tools we need to be happy, healthy and to feel fulfilled.  Our true dreams, desires and abilities are embedded deep inside, yet we live most of our awake lives in a frenzied, negative mental-emotional stress state which limits our perspectives of our lives and ourselves.  Every day we can mindlessly slide into the negative stress vortex or awaken to a state of energized vitality.

We are energy driven beings and as our thoughts and emotions evolve, we create an ever-changing unique energy signature based on how we choose to experience life.   What if we could learn to tune in to our unique vibrational state to enjoy more happiness, balance and vitality?
Could we capture more of our untapped potential if we can embrace a vibrant life?

Life is full of challenges and championships.  As we learn, grow and progress, we have the power to navigate our life journey by choice and not by chance.    How we choose to energetically experience life is ours to discover and create.  Let’s enjoy the ride.

Your Performance, Health + Vitality Coach

As your guide, I will help you discover your true desires, clarify how you can renovate your priorities and how you choose to accomplish your energy transformation.   Together we create awareness around your mental – emotional energetic state and then you implement your unique action strategies to elevate your game.  Finally, you will develop an accountability plan to deliver the exciting and inspiring changes you want to accomplish to activate your vibrant life.

Let’s Chat
Book a Free “Discover My Vibrant Life” chat with me today:  info@schoolofhappiness.ca
The best way to learn about my unique energy focused coaching style and the services I offer is to book a complimentary discovery call (your choice of phone or video chat).  
Are you ready? Say yes to….
    • I want to experience more vitality, health, happiness and joy
    • I want to create a positive and uplifting mindset
    • I want to re-energize my life


Janice's Credentials

Master of Arts, Coaching   Western University
Bachelor of Education    University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Physical Education (honours)   McMaster University
Certified Executive and Lifestyle Coach     Certified Coaches Federation (CCF)
Personal Trainer Specialist (ACE, canfitpro)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (canfitpro)
Level 3 Sport Conditioning Specialist (Twist Sport Conditioning)
Level 3 Competitive Swim Coach (National Coaching Certification Program)
Professor / Coach at University of Manitoba, Western University, University of Toronto, Humber College, Mohawk College. 

Janice Hutton Certified Personal Performance and Vitality Coach

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