Enjoy a Healthy Combo: Yoga, Functional Fitness, and Meditation

  • We offer a combination of disciplines from Yoga, to Functional Fitness, and Meditation for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Enjoy 250+ on-demand classes in our Happiness and Well-Being library
  • Classes are bilingual, offered both in English and French
  • 1 live streamed online class every week 
  • A great community of people

Functional Fitness | FunFit

Learn how to safely and efficiently move with minimal equipment. You will feel more energized for the rest of your day, and improve posture and performance for your activities.


Learn how to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility, release deep held tensions and improve your concentration through this holistic and contemplative practice.


Learn to skillfully integrate meditation into your life to experience emotional regulation, greater ease and clarity in everything you engage in at home, at work, and away on vacation.

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