Functional Fitness also known as FunFit at the School of Happiness

Blend the best of fitness and mindfulness practice.

This class focuses on multi-dimensional and integrated (full-body) mindful movement patterns to work your core, develop your balance, improve your posture and have fun!

Functional fitness exercises are designed to correct your imbalances, make you stronger and help you perform day to day activities with greater ease while reducing the risk of injury and pain.

With minimal equipment you will get your body moving safely and effectively leaving you feeling energized for the rest of your day. This class is beneficial for all, we provide multiple movement levels making it effective for all fitness levels.

Nature Fit

Move your body in the great outdoors! Enjoy mindful movement in local nature trails.

Fire up your energy, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system while having fun with a dynamic group.

This group class includes tuning in to all of the senses while observing surrounding nature environments, warm-up movements to prepare the body and mind and a and cool-down sequence leaving you re-fueled for your day.

Create your own group of a minimum of 5 people and Laura will come guide the way!

Nature Fit with the School of Happiness

Nature Fit with the School of Happiness outdoor adventure.

Laura Warf steps in the park - Living Well School of Happiness - Sainte-Adele

Laura Warf of the School of Happiness in step mode in the park.


Have you ever wondered how much exercise you are doing daily? Perhaps you catch yourself wondering “did I engage in enough activity?”

How much activity is considered appropriate to be healthy? Good news, here is a tip you might enjoy - fitness trackers basically do the math for you and keep you posted on your biometrics status. Once you get home or have a portable device handy you can connect your fitness tracker to the device, sync information in the fitness tracker to the device, and review your performance with really nice visuals.

When you start out with a fitness tracker you might be concerned with the prospect of having to work with a steep learning curve, but no worries it's not at all that challenging. Of course, you should allow yourself a little time to first get used to the screen user interface, buttons and advanced functionalities.

About Fitness Trackers

Laura Warf has been testing these nifty little devices for the past years ever since the first generations. Learn how to monitor your exercise intensity and progress to reach your fitness goals more efficiently. Your heart rate monitor and tracker will provide you with instant feedback and will guide you towards working in the appropriate zones.

If you ever want to join us outdoors for a functional fitness - FunFit activity in the park simply share your contact information in the form below and we will keep you updated on when the next event is scheduled.


Functional Fitness | FunFit Demo class

Want a try a free functional fitness class at your own pace? Try this complementary FunFit session with Laura



Yoga, Fitness & Beauty Bliss

Laura is a wellness guru who shares her knowledge and insight freely and entirely. As a longtime client I have always thoroughly enjoyed her classes. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and balanced both inside and out. The online classes & videos are varied so you will get a whole body workout including mind and spirit. Try if you dare to be enlightened, enchanted and energized. What a blessing you are Laura Warf.

David Hall

Spiritual wisdom meets material science

Laura Warf is someone I simply clicked with instantly. Her constant smile and positive demeanor make her classes both educational and fun. She always takes the time to make sure her students are heard and provides practical solutions and tips to all questions with care and professionalism. So, for those searching for a healthy online alternative, Laura's online yoga classes always leave me feeling relaxed and revitalized! As a therapist she is grounded, extremely knowledgeable of human mechanics, and highly intuitive. I searched a long time for the right therapist to help me work through years of body pain and I'm grateful to have found such a spiritually-wise one to assist me in this journey. To anyone seeking guidance on feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I highly recommend Laura's caring and professional approach.

Wendy H.

I was offered encouragement, strength & guidance in a spiritual environment.

I came to class looking for exercise and relaxation. I was offered encouragement, strength & guidance in a spiritual environment. I discovered a new level of mental awareness, peacefulness that I didn't believe I was capable of and recovery from a long-standing back problem.


I am a senior and doubted that I could still do yoga but with Laura’s careful...

I am a senior and doubted that I could still do yoga but with Laura’s careful progressions of the poses, to my surprise I was able to follow. Each yoga practice has left me with a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Bonnie N.

I no longer need to see my sports medicine doctor for overuse injuries caused by repetitive movements

The yoga classes have helped me in two areas. Firstly they have helped calm the tension and stress of daily life and leave me feeling peaceful and relaxed. Secondly they allow me to continue to improve my balance as I age as well and at the same time I am working on strengthening and stretching the muscles I use repetitively in other athletic activities. I believe because of my regular attendance in yoga classes I no longer need to see my sports medicine doctor for overuse injuries caused by repetitive movements in other activities which before I started doing yoga was a yearly occurrence. Thank you.

Linda F.

I totally lose myself in Laura’s class.  She has a soft flowing way of guiding us...

I quite often arrive at the yoga classes feeling stressed, anxious and tired. I sometimes feel a tightness in my neck chest. I totally lose myself in Laura’s class. She has a soft flowing way of guiding us through the different poses. I leave the class feeling that I have really done something good for me spiritually, emotionally and physically. I feel an inner strength and balance, a greater sense of well-being. Laura is the best yoga instructor and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years.

Donna W.

I dropped 2 dress sizes.

Yoga – thank goodness we found each other. It has brought me a positive sense of balance and with all that I dropped 2 dress sizes. Yoga is now part of my being.

Janet H.

Your energy was contagious that morning!

Dear Laura Warf,

I attended one of your presentations, Life Management for Busy Bodies, at the 2009 Can-Fit-Pro Conference in Toronto this past weekend.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation and to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The material presented was an interesting reminder that as a healthy living coach there are so many areas outside of exercise that need to be addressed for clients to truly create the healthy life they dream about. It was also presented in an accessible and entertaining manner, which always makes a session memorable. I have been considering taking the CanFitPro Mind Body Specialist Certification, and after meeting one of the founders of the program I am even more interested. Your energy was contagious that morning!

Again thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and time with the many attendees of the conference, myself included. I look forward to attending more of your seminars at future conferences.


Lauma P

Her motivation and skills as an instructor has definitely elevated my performance. 

I have participated in Laura’s spinning classes and I must say her motivation and skills as an instructor has definitely elevated my performance. I have been a fitness enthusiast for 18 years typically working out 5 days per week in activities such as running, spinning, aerobics and weight training. Five years ago spinning became my passion both for its challenge and high intensity. Laura’s instructional style mixes many elements so that you realize benefits in your endurance and strength while maintaining proper riding technique. She challenges you physically through her tough drills and encouragement. As a result, I have experienced improvements in my running speed and endurance as well as my overall fitness level. Anyone who has peaked, or has lost some self-motivation can benefit from Laura’s experience, knowledge and encouragement to really find out what more they are capable of. I can honestly say, I am getting older, better and faster!

Marfisa & Tina

Your cycling classes have influenced both myself and my mother in many positive ways.

Your cycling classes have influenced both myself and my mother in many positive ways. We feel better about ourselves physically and mentally and ready to face the challenges in our days with greater energy. Thank you, we love your class and hope you will always be a part of the cycling program.


you do a great job, you truly have mastered this.

I took a workshop of yours “Heart Rate Focused Riding”.

Since then I’ve instructed my regular classes as well as substituted for a few others (I’ve been instructing for 2 years now). I only do this stuff once per week or so. Other than that, I’m a computer guy; I do not work in fitness milieu. Humbly, I’ve got lots to learn about this stuff. I’ve taken several workshops but, for some reason, this one did it for me (and the people in my classes).

After your class, I revisited some aspects of my typical routine. I broke the routines down a little bit better technically (what exercise goes better with what music) and planned out each song a little better but, the biggest change was in what I try to communicate during the routine. I have a more complete intro, I talk about the usual posture and techniques. I have added more praise/compliments. I now use some imagery and now spend more time on describing what is coming up. I let them know about the upcoming exertions and let them know when and how long the recovery will be (in other words, don’t save energy in case there won’t be a recovery). I smile more, on purpose, and compliment the class on theirs. Man, is this contagious.

I’ve had more people come up to me after the class, regular classes and subs, than previously. Their compliments are things like “…not sure how but, I find myself putting more into your routines”.

From a regular (and friend) of many months now, I was told “Today, I really pushed hard, you were great today”. This was from a friend who seemed to never break a sweat before.

The praise feels great but, I know I must pass it on. I know as an instructor, feedback comes in small doses yet is so valuable since it feels good but, also since it affirms you’re heading in the right direction. I just wanted to say you do a great job, you truly have mastered this. Thank-you very much and keep it up!

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