FUNctional Fitness with the School of Happiness

Functional Fitness (FunFit)

​​Blend the best of fitness and mindfulness practice.

This class focuses on multi-dimensional and integrated (full-body) mindful movement patterns to work your core, develop your balance, improve your posture and have fun!

Functional fitness exercises are designed to correct your ​imbalances, make you stronger and help you perform day to day activities with greater ease while reducing the risk of injury and pain.

With ​minimal equipment you will get your body moving safely and effectively leaving you feeling energized for the rest of your day. This class is beneficial for all, we provide multiple movement levels​ making it effective for all fitness levels.

Nature Fit
Move your body in the great outdoors! Enjoy mindful movement in local nature trails.

Fire up your energy, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system while having fun with a dynamic group.

This group class includes tuning in to all of the senses while observing surrounding nature environments, warm-up movements to prepare the body and mind and a and cool-down sequence leaving you re-fueled for your day.

​Create your own group of a minimum of 5 people and Laura will come guide the way!

Nature Fit with the School of Happiness
Laura Warf steps in the park - Living Well School of Happiness - Sainte-Adele

Laura in step mode in the park.

About Polar® Fitness Trackers

TechnoFit with Polar
Have you ever wondered how much exercise you are doing daily? Perhaps you catch yourself wondering “did I engage in enough activity?”

How much activity is considered appropriate to be healthy? Good news, here is a tip you might enjoy - fitness trackers basically do the math for you and keep you posted on your biometrics status. Once you get home or have a portable device handy you can connect your fitness tracker to the device, sync information in the fitness tracker to the device, and review your performance with really nice visuals.

When you start out with a fitness tracker you might be concerned with the prospect of having to work with a steep learning curve, but no worries it's not at all that challenging. Of course, you should allow yourself a little time to first get used to the screen user interface, buttons and advanced functionalities.

Laura Warf is a Polar fitness tracker ambassador and has been testing these nifty little devices for the past year. Since the best way to know how much you might appreciate these little devices is to try one on, we thought it might be interesting to have an outdoor activity with people from Polar. Learn how to monitor your exercise intensity and progress to reach your fitness goals more efficiently. Your heart rate monitor and tracker will provide you with instant feedback and will guide you towards working in the appropriate zones.

If you ever want to join us outdoors for a functional fitness activity in the park simply share your contact information in the form below and we will keep you updated on when the next event is scheduled.


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