About Our Coaching Services

School of Happiness offers coaching services to help customers navigate through opportunities and personal challenges. We have a variety of coaching resources to help you on your journey.

There are also different types of coaching. At times we are trying to work through a particular challenge, and as we dig to solve it we find latent opportunities in areas that govern numerous aspects of our lives.

Coaching type and style may vary as you progress toward your goal. For instance, we have seen people looking for support to lose weight. Fitness coaching is a great introduction to reach their goal, but they later in the process discover there are other layers to explore to unlock new potential.

Life Coaching

Life coaching can support you through challenges and help you identify opportunities to explore. It's all about growth. Developing a better sense of who we are and where we are heading.

Wellness Coach

Are you looking to make better wellness decisions? A wellness coach can to guide you on your path to balance. Identify blind spots that you may benefit from. Learn to improve existing habits.

Fitness Coaching

You are looking for a qualified professional to support you in achieving fitness objectives. Perhaps you are preparing for a vacation, challenge, or simply have decided to design a new you.    

Come Home to YOU Coaching Packages
Reclaim your your energy and your well-being now.


Try it before taking the full leap toward your transformation




Get unstuck, establish clarity and build a plan to get you going. Receive weekly direction, encouragement and accountability. Begin to build better habits. You've got this!First session 60 minutes consultation + four 30-minute weekly sessions.


An immersion designed to establish a solid foundation, then migrate to your new destination with fluidity and confidence



/3 months

Evaluate where you are now and where you want to get to. Establish clear objectives, receive proven tools, practices, guidance and support to keep you going until you reach your desired target. Break through barriers and succeed with a smile!
First session 90 minutes consultation and evaluation + twelve 60-minute weekly sessions

Stay on Track $180, 1-month We all need accountability and support to maintain our momentum, to keep forging ahead and to continue progressing. Use these weekly 15-minute sessions to check in, ask questions, review your program or bounce ideas around for next steps. A helping hand goes a long way.

BONUS: receive access to the School of Happiness online library and live classes for the duration of your package for additional motivation and fun.

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One of our favorite evaluation tools: The Empowerment Spirals - enjoy a sneak peek here

What others say about Coaching Services

"I reached out to Laura at a really low point in my life. At the time, I had recently given birth to my second child, had lived through another move from across the country, and was struggling with isolation in the midst of the pandemic. I felt lost, stuck and couldn't figure out how to pick myself back up on my own. I had been seeing a psychologist but felt like I was not getting the tools I needed to get back on my feet. I had heard about life coaching through a colleague, and this stuck with me as a possibly more action-oriented therapy. I reached out to Laura because I knew her from being my yoga teacher years ago, and thankfully, she did offer a coaching service as well! Laura responded very quickly to my questions and we soon started an amazing coaching relationship which is still ongoing to this day. She has helped me empower myself and get out of the negative downward spiral I was on then. She has helped me structure my approach to my problems, and has also taught me countless tools that I now have in my toolbox to deal with life and stress! She is so resourceful, peaceful and insightful! If you are someone who is looking for a goal and action-oriented approach to your struggles, Laura will definitely be there to help you and accompany you on your self-growth journey!"


"I have known Laura for several years! We first met in her School of Happiness studio in Ste Adèle.
Due to a back problem, I wanted to get back to yoga and training. First, she developed a fitness program, and we followed it closely over a three-month period.
She even referred me to osteopathy for a pelvic problem.
I then joined the school's yoga and fitness classes, two to four times a week.
No matter where Laura goes, I follow and am quite faithful. We are now online!
I do live online training, in a group three times a week.
Now that my life is more sedentary due to my current employment, I adapted my practice again in order to increase my aerobic capacity and my muscular strength in addition to my suppleness and my flexibility.
I called Laura again, this time in a private zoom meeting, for personalized program development and follow-ups.
Laura is fantastic, she is calm in her approach and responds very well to changing needs and circumstances.
This allows me to be better, both in my head, in my body but also in my heart!"


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