Coaching Inquiries

 See the forest for the trees! 

Have you given some thought to private coaching?

School of Happiness offers coaching services to help you reclaim your body, your energy and overall well-being.

Navigate successfully through opportunities and personal challenges with the help of a coach. Coaching evolves with you as you progress toward your goal. 

Different types of coaching

Life & Happiness Coaching

Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How do I bridge the gap?

Life coaching can support you through challenges and help you identify and explore new or unseen opportunities. Life is about growth, progress and fulfillment. Develop a better sense of who you are, where you are heading and how to get there.

Wellness Coaching

Are you looking to make better wellness decisions to lead a healthier lifestyle? Wellness coaching can to guide you to optimize your lifestyle balance and well-being. Identify blind spots and break through old habits to move towards healthier ones. 

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation Coaching

You are looking for a qualified professional to support you in achieving your personal fitness objectives. Get results faster with a personalized plan. Improve your posture, feel more fit, at ease, more energy. Get ready for a vacation, a challenge, or have some fun designing a new you.

Come Home to YOU Coaching Packages

Reclaim your your health, well-being and energy now


Get unstuck, establish clarity and build a plan to get you going. Receive weekly direction, encouragement and accountability. Begin to build better habits. You've got this!





  • Renewable on monthly basis
  • Initial 60 min session
  • 4 X 30 min sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Confidential and private

Evaluate where you are now and where you want to get to. Establish clear objectives, receive proven tools, practices, guidance and support to keep you going until you reach your desired target. Break through barriers and succeed with a smile!




  • Renewable on monthly basis
  • Initial 90 min session
  • 12 X 30 min sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Confidential and private
Stay on Track

We all need accountability and support to maintain our momentum, to keep forging ahead and to continue progressing. Use these weekly 15-minute sessions to check in, ask questions, review your program or bounce ideas around for next steps. A helping hand goes a long way.




  • Great following monthly regular coaching package
  • Renewable monthly
  • 4 X 15 min sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Confidential and private
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