Coaching Inquiries

School of Happiness offers coaching services to help customers navigate through opportunities and personal challenges. We have a variety of coaching resources to help you on your journey.

There are also different types of coaching. At times we are trying to work through a particular challenge, and as we dig to solve it we find latent opportunities in areas that govern numerous aspects of our lives.

Coaching type and style may vary as you progress toward your goal. For instance, we have seen people looking for support to loose weight. Fitness coaching is a great introduction to reach their goal, but they later in the process discover there are other layers to explore to unlock new potential. 

Life Coaching

Life coaching can support you through challenges and help you identify opportunities to explore. It's all about growth. Developing a better sense of who we are and where we are heading.

Wellness Coach

Are you looking to make better wellness decisions? A wellness coach can to guide you on your path to balance. Identify blind spots that you may benefit from. Learn to improve existing habits.

Fitness Coaching

You are looking for a qualified professional to support you in achieving fitness objectives. Perhaps you are preparing for a vacation, challenge, or simply have decided to design a new you.    

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