TechnoFit Polar Fitness Tracker Outdoor training Aug 2017 School of Happiness

SOH TechnoFit with Polar Fitness Trackers

School of Happiness partners with Polar to bring the first of many TechnoFit outdoor functional training event.


Have you ever wondered how much exercise you are doing daily? Perhaps you catch yourself wondering “did I engage in enough activity?”
 How much activity is considered appropriate to be healthy? Good news, here is a tip you might enjoy…

Laura Warf from the School of Happiness recently became a Polar fitness tracker ambassador and has been testing these nifty little devices. Since the best way to know how much you might appreciate these little devices is to try one on, we thought it might be interesting to have an outdoor activity with people from Polar.

August 11th many of us got together with Polar, to get fit, and test Polar fitness trackers in the parc.

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