​Learn routines that you can do at home to revitalize your mind and body.

​Take a time out just for you. Be inspired and empowered to reveal the part of you that is waiting to emerge. Once we switch on the light within and clear away old habits, we can see more clearly to authentically walk our own path to live purposefully and vibrantly. 


​​​Join us for a day designed to cultivate your own well-being through intentional practices designed to unwind patterns that no longer serve you and re-wire your mind to manifest what you truly desire for yourself. When we live intentionally, we shine more brightly and live more freely.

Reserve your spot by August 19th. ​
Contact laura@laurawarf.com if you have questions

    • Doors will open at 8:30, you may arrive, relax and get settled.
    • We will begin at 9:00 and complete before 5:00pm.  
What to bring:
    • a yoga mat
    • journal and pen
    • water bottle
    • snacks, lunch (we will break for lunch, Metro grocery is next door)
    • and open heart and mind
    • a willingness to be yourself in a welcoming environment

Contribution: 125$ paid in advance to Laura by e-transfer laura@laurawarf.com or through paypal to Laura Warf

Thank you,
I look forward to seeing you.

About the Author


Laura Warf is the founder of the School of Happiness holistic wellness center whose methods are based on tools from ancient teachings to today’s current research to inspire others to take charge of their complete well-being by following her 8 essential elements to health and happiness. She is a healthy living advocate, passionate wellness educator and mind-body specialist offering services in corporate wellness, yoga, meditation, energetic balancing, and fitness conditioning. Laura is also co-founder of the Mend My Back at MendMyBackProgram.com
For more about Laura visit: LauraWarf.com

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