This might be exactly what you need right now….
With so much of our world going online, we are often distracted, drawn in numerous directions and exhausted.
It is vital now, more than ever, to focus on what is important : Our well-being.


November 6, 2020

Dear friends,

We are in the home stretch of 2020...

Some of you might be saying “Yay! Let’s get this year over with already!" There has certainly been a considerable amount of change, transition, and adaptation on our end. Not an easy year, yet it offered a huge opportunity to put things in perspective and to re-evaluate what is truly important.

We always have the ability to choose. I have chosen to look at this year from the perspective of what I learned, how I pivoted, and dared to re-imagine what is next. Quite honestly I likely would not be on the track I am now had I not been pushed and confronted.

I often go into deep reflection mode in the last quarter of the year. My birthday is in November and so in recent years, I preferred to plan some quiet time rather than participate in anything too celebratory. I like to look back on the previous year and reflect on the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Then I imagine what I would like to create for the upcoming year. I make decisions to let go of any old habits that no longer serve me well. I check in with myself: what daily rituals support my well-being and what habits deplete my energy? What do I need more of? What do I need less of?

I know without a doubt when I start my day with energizing rituals, I feel calm, centered, empowered, and more focused on my day ahead.

I will share some of my life tools in our upcoming online retreat “Reset – Refresh – Recharge” on Sunday, November 29th  along with my friend and empowerment coach Janice Hutton.

We will do some deep dives into each of the 3 R’s and explore concepts like awareness, choices, tools, and strategies to live a more vibrant, empowered, and happy life.

What daily habits keep you happy, hopeful, and optimistic?

This half-day might be exactly what you need right now….

With so much of our world going online, we are often distracted, drawn in numerous directions, and exhausted.

It is vital now, more than ever, to focus on what is important: Our well-being. Janice and I designed an empowering online version of our “Refresh – Reset – Recharge” retreat to serve our community.

My granny would say; “take your time, but hurry up” when she was eagerly waiting to be picked up for a fun adventure. We are encouraging you to make time for yourself so that you have some tools and strategies to feel recharged and refreshed daily.

We promise you will leave this half-day fun adventure ready to design a more vibrant approach to your life.

Join us
Sunday, November 29th, 2020 from 9 am-1 pm EST
with Laura Warf and Janice Hutton

Where: on Zoom in the comfort of wherever you choose to be!
Contribution: You Choose:  $75, $100 or $150.
Our intention is to make this reflective and resourceful time accessible and valuable. Pay what you can.

Reserve your spot now. Space is limited.

Send in your contribution by e-transfer or by Paypal to Laura Warf:

Drop us an email if you have questions: 

Contact Laura at or Janice at

We will confirm your registration by email and include the agenda, zoom link, a list of what to bring, and how to prepare for the day

Thank you,

Can’t wait to e-meet you at the Retreat
Laura & Janice

About the Author


Laura Warf is the founder of the School of Happiness holistic wellness center whose methods are based on tools from ancient teachings to today’s current research to inspire others to take charge of their complete well-being by following her 8 essential elements to health and happiness. She is a healthy living advocate, passionate wellness educator and mind-body specialist offering services in corporate wellness, yoga, meditation, energetic balancing, and fitness conditioning. Laura is also co-founder of the Mend My Back at
For more about Laura visit:

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