How to follow your dharma bells… Let life move…

When I get a dharma bell – that intuitive feeling inside that flashes an idea, - it means it is time to make a move, take action, do the work and keep going even when I don’t yet have all the answers.


The fitness and wellness industry has been living through massive transformation adapting to the digital age in recent years. I admit I scoffed at the idea to do online coaching when it was first introduced over a decade ago. New and improved technology is now available to us and has transformed the way we work, connect and live. To continue working in this new world we must adapt.

When one door closes another one opens. Sometimes we close the doors ourselves for various reasons and other times the doors are closed for us due to other people’s decisions. Either way, closing life’s doors is rarely easy.

I share this message today because so many of my friends and colleagues are faced with closing their fitness and wellness studios and businesses due to new regulations following the pandemic. We need to be in a solution-oriented mindset to continue moving forward and to work differently to create new possibilities. In some ways, I am happy I made the decision a few years ago to close the doors of our physical space to open the new virtual space and continue offering coaching and classes.

Our virtual studio idea began when a few clients asked for video classes to follow when they were away for the winter months. (1st dharma bell!)
Slowly we gathered the resources we needed to make it happen. And the School of Happiness has now been a fully functioning virtual studio and wellness platform for 2 years.

Change requires us to reflect, make tough decisions and be okay with living outside of our comfort zone. My best creations have rarely come out of times when I was smooth sailing. Ideas, new solutions, and actions have come from moments when I was deeply confronted and challenged. Those were/are the times when I take a walk in the woods or sit on my meditation cushion to let the energy and emotions move through me. When I listen inwardly, the bells start ringing in the form of new ideas and guidance.

Choosing to live by the philosophy of dharma is not necessarily the easy path, yet I believe for myself, it has the most rewarding and fulfilling. I do not regret any difficult decision I have made so far. Every experience has been enriching and valuable lessons have been acquired. We all need to keep moving forward and also be prepared to course-correct along the way.

Even when I don’t always understand my inner GPS, I follow my heart’s navigation system anyway. I realize that everything I have done in the past so far, every role I have played has prepared me for the next one. Our new division of School of Happiness is now being born: Be well at Work, the corporate platform, and programs are being launched for 2021.

A good friend of mine always said “Let Life Move…” Our lives have sure moved in a multitude of ways this past year! 2020 has been a year of massive dedication, discipline, work, and transformation! I had to re-learn how to operate in so many ways and re-position our business in the online realm.

I have navigated the fitness and wellness business for 30 years in many different roles. I fully intend to continue in this industry that I have dedicated my life to. How cool would it be to continue teaching until 100 years young!

This is my dharma. My life. My purpose. I love my work and the opportunity to serve my community every single day. I get excited about co-creating possibilities through projects every day. When we are on our dharma path it doesn’t feel like work. I sense my life of being on a mission with deep meaning and personal purpose.

So when I get a dharma bell – that intuitive feeling inside that flashes an idea, – it means it is time to make a move, take action, do the work and keep going even when I don’t yet have all the answers. I GO. I trust. I get lit up. And somehow abundance shows up in the form of the energy I need, the people to help guide the way and the resources start to appear to get the job done. Anytime I have followed those flashes/dharma bells, a door always opens. This is life moving… Yes, this past year (and the previous one) has been quite a ride yet I am excited, optimistic, and see possibilities everywhere.

To my friends in the fitness and wellness industry, – our services are needed now more than ever to guide people to be well. To stay resilient and fit mentally, physically, and spiritually. So we need to do our own inner and outer work to stay well too.

And to our community who shows up everyday live online, I love you. You give me courage and strength and joy to keep going every day and to serve in the best way I can.

I am sharing some pics from when we first opened our space and prepped until 2am to open our doors to the day we emptied our last mat and cushion, along with some amazing friendships and memories built along the way. It has been a fulfilling and honorable journey and it is continuing- now through different channels.

The virtual world offers an opportunity for connection that we all long for. Yes, it is different and takes some adaptation and there are challenges along the way just like whenever we try something new for the first time. I love working from our online studio. We are enjoying every class and session together each week. It’s gotta stay fun! Dharma is full of joy, passion, and purpose. It’s what helps you through the tough times. So pay attention when your inner intuitive bells start ringing and make a move, any move. The answers come when you take the next step 🙂

Thank you for being part of the journey. Our community is strong and connected. And together 2021 will unfold to create new experiences and memories…
Be well friends.

School of Happiness is an online fitness and wellness platform that guides people to cultivate a resilient body, a clear mind, and a happy heart leading to greater fulfillment at home and at work.

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