Hack your Happiness Hormones! Happiness Habits with Mo Hagan

Hack into more happiness using your neurotransmitters. 


Happiness Habits from the Heart

Laura Warf speaks to Mo Hagan
February 28, 2021

We can all use a good dose of happiness these days. It has been a long and challenging year for all of us in different ways and to varying degrees.

The pursuit of happiness is a phenomenon in Western culture and debates exist whether this pursuit is doing more harm than good. Learning to live in the moment and appreciate all the simple gifts that make life good is a more sustainable road to follow. Trying to be happy may block us from actually feeling happy!

The saying that “happiness comes from within” has truth for two reasons. Firstly, setting an intention to see opportunity and possibility during trials and challenging times actually rewires our brain to learn to see what is right versus what is wrong in any given situation. Secondly, happiness hormones are naturally produced within the body when we follow certain practices and principles leading to greater feelings of happiness.

Hack into more happiness with your neurotransmitters. 

For example, serotonin is the mood hormone empowered by meditation, yoga, sun exposure, or steady movement like walking in nature, running, or cycling.

Oxytocin is our love hormone created by hugging a loved one, playing with a pet, giving a compliment, or having a good conversation.

Dopamine is our reward hormone for celebrating little wins, completing a task, eating tyrosine-rich food (that boosts dopamine) like lentils, fish, nuts, whole grains, or tea.

Finally, other happiness hormones like endorphins are revealed when we have a good laugh, eat dark chocolate, or exercise.

Mo Hagan shares her happiness strategies with us in our latest Happiness Habits interview. Gain some ideas to hack your own happiness hormones to give you a boost when you need it the most.

Mo has been a mentor and a friend for over 20 years. I love her transparency as she shares what she has learned from being a high achiever and recovering perfectionist. She mentioned how so much striving can actually keep you away from being your happiest self. The past year has brought her full circle to what matters most in her life and she is now serving the world with a new found perspective.

While life circumstances play a role in our happiness levels it is not the sole predictor of overall happiness.

Listen in to find the inspiration you need to plan and sustain your own well-being from the inside out!

Here are some of the wisdom nuggets you will discover in this conversation. Enjoy 🙂

Listen to the conversation with Mo and Laura: 

Mo’s Nuggets of Wisdom

  • 1:03 Who is Mo Hagan?
  • 3:27 Mo’s primary definition for happiness where love sits at the foundation
  • 3:46 We best serve the world when there is alignment, contentment, ease, and creativity
  • 4:52 How experiences in school and childhood reveal our sweet spots and flow state and lead to our deeper WHY in adult life
  • 6:16 Mo’s discusses her top 3 happiness habits: moving, living her purpose, and travel and adventure
  • 8:56 How to find your WHY
  • 12:53 Ask for help when you feel lost
  • 14:14 How do we maintain a high level of energy, focus, and discipline when the going gets tough?
  • 16:26 Mo wanted to look back on this historical time and be proud – what she did when the COVID lockdown began
  • 20:06 Mo’s mom used to tell her to “go get your happy on”... hmmm what did she do?
  • 23:07 We have all these “things” how come we are not happy?
  • 27:27 Mo’s “go-to” habit to step into her power in between meetings and her game-changing ritual
  • 30:32 The door frame trick to leave behind the tough day stuff and nurture her relationship with her husband
  • 34:26 Final wisdom nugget as a healing balm to all...

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