​This longer post follows a heartful meditation during this full moon energy and 11-11 gateway.

Full moons are powerful phases that amplify what is ready to come to the surface within us to be revealed. Maybe it is something that no longer serves you and you are ready to release it, or maybe it is a deep desire that lives in your heart calling to be manifested.


​​​I love full moons for deeper meditations and to contemplate the next cycle of life.

Take a few deep breaths, slow down, move into your heart and connect to the energy behind what I will share with you here tonight.

What does it feel like to be balanced and well within yourself?

How important is it for you to restore your own equilibrium - to come home to a sense of harmony and natural joy?

Do you know what takes you out of your well-being? When we know what it feels like to feel out of sorts, then we can choose to restore ourselves more quickly and easily before the imbalance becomes more serious.

The techniques I share with the School of Happiness are ways to stay well, to be more resilient and to bounce back when we’re not feeling our best. Isn’t it more fun when we feel great and aligned mind-body-spirit?

Know that we are a part of the nature that surrounds us. There is a force that streams through us as life. Our vital energy we call prana. When prana flows unobstructed, we feel well.  When it doesn’t, we don’t.

I encourage you to create space in your life to nourish your well-being; how you think, feel, speak, interact, move, rest and live. Our daily health and happiness practices are designed to restore vibrancy from within. Nothing outside of ourselves can have the same impact. Sure we can enjoy the outer pleasures of life, but a new pair of shoes, clothes, car, home, travel or anything else that is external to us will only take us so far. The rest is an inside job if we really want sustainable wellness.

The more we are grateful for all we have the more we increase our vibration and well-being.

There is such amazing comfort in the blissful feeling of coming home to ourselves when we allow ourselves the space to slow down, get quiet and listen to the inner currents of life within us. The existence of deep connection to all that is.

An expansive, joyful, loving, harmonious feeling permeates every cell in our body when we restore our life force energy.

We spend years in school to learn concepts of the mind yet unless we navigate the inner path of our hearts and soul with a guide or teacher (at first) we are often never exposed to the teachings of the essence of life and how to journey more skilfully though all the experiences life brings on this planet. I am here to share what I have learned and experienced with enlightened teachers to help enrich your life - if that is what you are seeking.

My granny would say “show some interest dear” when she coaxed me to explore something out of my own sphere of knowledge. I was exposed to the teachings of yoga a long time ago and will never forget the first time I felt my heart open. Beyond the physical sensations of a stronger more supple body, I felt energized, light, free, creative, and joyful.  

There were times when I neglected the practice of asana (postures), breathing and meditation. What happened? The edginess returned, the busy-ness resumed, the fatigue and anxiety took over. Pushing through life threatened to take over as opposed to flowing with the natural tides of inspiration that occur spontaneously when we connect more deeply to ourselves and the universe.

The flow, the freedom, the joy, the creativity, the energy, a healthy body-mind and light heart is what keeps me coming back home to my Self each day. Sometimes is is for 5 minutes other times for 60 minutes or more. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we have the courage to return again and again to our Self.  Baby steps, one day at a time. I invite you to explore the inner landscapes of You, in all your craziness, in all your busy-ness, or fears, old patterns or wounding and even through all the reasons you resist truly caring for YOU like no one else can.  We all go through it and we all need the gentle reminder to Care.

I invite you to explore in all your loving-ness and gratitude and wholeness even if you feel fragmented, you can always begin again and keep coming home to yourself little by little until you awaken to the feeling of empowerment and freedom of being fully YOU.


Laura Warf is the founder of the School of Happiness, which crafts methods integrating tools from ancient teachings to today’s cutting-edge research. The mission of the School of Happiness is to guide and inspire individuals to become conscious creators of their well-being in mind, body and spirit, following their eight essential elements to health and happiness. Laura is a healthy living advocate, passionate wellness educator and mind-body specialist offering classes, retreats and services in corporate wellness live and online.  

Visit www.LauraWarf.com and www.SchoolofHappiness.ca/

About the Author


Laura Warf is the founder of the School of Happiness holistic wellness center whose methods are based on tools from ancient teachings to today’s current research to inspire others to take charge of their complete well-being by following her 8 essential elements to health and happiness. She is a healthy living advocate, passionate wellness educator and mind-body specialist offering services in corporate wellness, yoga, meditation, energetic balancing, and fitness conditioning. Laura is also co-founder of the Mend My Back at MendMyBackProgram.com
For more about Laura visit: LauraWarf.com

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