Dan Lavoie

Previous owner and operator of KMK Regulatory Services Inc. in the health and safety space.

Dan Lavoie SOH Corporate Development Officer

Dan Lavoie
Corporate Development Officer

A pioneer in the Environmental Health and Safety Industry and with more than 25 years experience, Dan is now responsible for corporate development at School of Happiness.

A Seasoned and Accomplished Entrepreneur 

Previously, Dan was an Owner/operator of KMK Regulatory Services Inc. Dan gained experience working for a leading software developer in the EHS world. In 2000 he developed the first EHS Service bureau providing expert regulatory and authoring services for the classification of chemical products, providing product specific global regulated documents in more than 50 languages.

With more than a dozen scientific professionals in his employ all working from home, Dan and his team were able to create a working environment that met the challenges of the home-office space while supporting this new business model.

A New Journey

Up until recently, Dan was enjoying the retired life, but his passion for groundbreaking ideas has drawn him back to support the many facets and abundant opportunities being presented to School of Happiness.

Dan had spent the majority of his time developing business solutions while gaining experience in branding, marketing, social media and business excellence. While business development is now his job function by day, Dan also enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with his wife, Heather, to distant lands while exploring ancient ruins.

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