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A Tale from the Trees during Turbulent Times

In the same field stand both a mighty oak tree and a willow tree. The willow tree envies the power and strength that the oak tree possesses. One day a storm, with whipping winds and torrential rain, makes its way through the field. After the storm passes, the willow tree notices that the oak tree has fallen over in the storm. In a state of confusion, she asks the farmer what happened to the oak tree.

Chocolatey energy treats

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​Only one left?!

That is what I said when I decided to take a picture of these nutritious and delicious treats to share the recipe with you! This batch yielded 20 balls that were left on the counter, and 24 hours later only one remained...
A testament to how good these are. Be careful, you may not be able to eat just one! Onto batch #2...